What constitutes good design?

The message must be clear. Whether a poster, brochure, logo, or Web site the design should emphasize the message. Good design conveys information and communicates ideas. Poor design impairs this communication by getting in the way.The basic principles of design apply to all design disciplines writing, graphics, art and architecture, even fashion and poetry. The principles of design are tools we use to format the elements of design (color, shape, texture, etc.)

Designs have moved ahead with the Times.

In a world accessible ever more online, web design is growing in significance. But as the rate of development increases, staying in advance of the curve is essential to standing out from the mass. From adaptive designs, to large-format media, to simplified experiences, 2014 promises to be a year of changes; changes you can, and should, realize.The importance of flat design are being recognized and implemented ubiquitously. For those of you unfamiliar with the concep

Reasons why Well Styled mobile apps are a necessity

Mobile app development should first start with a mobile style guide in place. For better or worse, your mobile app presents an image of your companys brand excellence. And, the effort your company puts into protecting and fostering your companys brand image should be no less when developing your mobile apps. Programmers may find they need to work closely with graphic designers, marketers, and, maybe even lawyers to provide a polished and completed product.

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