How We Do It

Your requirement is our priority. PVWEBCO first gets your ideas on paper, analyses the same and then digitizes it.

We understand the importance of your business as we are into business ourselves. Once your idea has been put across, we will provide a total estimate so that you are comfortable as we enter into a long term business association.

Your business is important to us, so is your time. We make sure your requirements are with us throughout the project. The next step is to provide a mock design so that you are satisfied with the layout and the design before the development begins.

Every website has its own set of codes and database that needs to be maintained. Besides, all the content you provide us will also find its way into the databases. In case any changes occur in future, you know where you will have to look into.

You are PVWEBCO’s esteemed customer; we understand that you would not want to be a fly on the spider’s web with all the programming languages on your control panel. The Content Management System (CMS) is designed so that you can manage the content on your website easily.

Information is available all over the place. Sometime we will have to view the same information in formats like pictorial, graphical, etc. to understand them better. The Model – View – Controller (MVC) programming helps you decipher the information so as you are aware of the content of your website.

The charisma of your website lies in its user friendliness. If your website is a maze of unending tabs where you client is lost, the deal may also face a similar fate. The User Interface (UI) and User experience (UX) are two different terms. PVWEBCO shall help you decode the terminologies so that you are at peace without a nerve of confusion.

The Logo design is again an important part of the project as your logo conveys the services of your company pictorially. We do not compromise here.

The deployment is the next big step in the development of the website, PVWEBCO offers a strong deployment workflow, and it is the USP that runs the team efficiently.

A weak production deployment and just put all your efforts into ruins in a matter of few seconds. PVWEBCO strives to offer you the best of deployment services so as to keep your website intact and running.

Quality has always taken up the upper mark than quantity. PVWEBCO assures quality to its customers. We make sure that your website does not collapse over the weight of the unending clicks and visits.

There we are, ready and presentable! Your website! With all your requirements and our special effects. You approve it, and it goes live.

Once the website is handed over to you, it does not mean the deal closing; it actually marks the beginning of our long term association. PVWEBCO is always available whenever you need assistance and support.